The easiest method of caring for a fish is to put it in a bowl, this is also a very good choice if you want to raise a betta. Bowls are very easy to maintain compared to aquariums. It is also the cheapest option out there. When choosing between betta bowls, it is best to provide one that is larger than what you really need. A 6 -10 gallon bowl would do very well for a single beta, but if you are considering a community tank, 16 – 20 gallons would be the recommended capacity. 

You might think that this size of a bowl is too big for one small betta. Let me tell you the advantages you get when you get a large one for your betta. Bowls that are too small are more vulnerable to temperature changes and the depletion of minerals that could be detrimental to the health of your fish. 

Having a larger tank affords you a bigger buffer zone before it starts to affect your betta, giving you a little bit more time to react. Not to mention the fact that a larger bowl’s water needs to be changed less often than a small one.

Having a bowl for your betta could be the best thing for you especially if you are just starting out. The size of the fish bowl means that you can easily find a place to put it. It could be on a table, a shelf, or anywhere you like. Its size and single piece design means that it would be easier for you to lift it by yourself and move it around even when it contains water. 

An aquarium would be very difficult to move alone even when it’s empty because of that fact that it can easily break if not properly supported. This portability could prove to be indispensable, especially when you want to change the water in your bowl.

When talking about the disadvantages, it has already been discussed how having a larger tank could be better for your betta. The small size of a fish bowl can become deadly very quickly if you forget to change the water. 

You are also more likely to change huge amounts of water relative to the capacity of the bowl causing stress to your betta. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the aquarium, which is bigger, is generally better for a betta. Bowls are great when you are starting out, but if you have gotten used to rearing a betta and you want to add more fish to develop a community tank, a full sized aquarium is the way to go. 

You can’t also install a filtration system in betta bowls without testing it first since aside from occupying precious space, it could also create strong currents that can stress your betta too much. If you care for your betta properly, it doesn’t really matter if you use a bowl or a tank. With proper diet and regular tank maintenance your betta can live a long life of about 2–4 years.