There are various types of Betta fish or Betta Splendens – also known as the Siamese fighting fish – in the world. Over the years there has been a lot of selective breeding between the Plakat Morh, the original fighting fish from Thailand – the Plakat Khmer (the Cambodian) – for its color and the Plakat Cheen for its long fins. Cross–breeding these various species of Bettas creates the beautiful colorations that we see today in local pet stores.

Betta Fish Colors

Red Bettas

The solid red types of Betta fish are red from head to tail. They have no color variation other than the opaque overlay in some cases which tends to take away from their deep dark color and makes them look pink or a lighter shade of red. The cherry red – much like the solid red betta – is solid red from his tail to his body. Its head carries the characteristics of the Cambodian Betta showing a few yellow and apricot shades.

Black Betta Fish

Other types of Betta fish are the black or melano colors. They are a smoky black and are one of the hardest colors to breed successfully. The Melano gene tends to only produce females that are infertile. Some melanos have been cross–bred with yellows and cellophane to get rid of this problem, but to no avail. However, with a cross–bred Steel Blue female and a Melano male that is bred to a cross-bred Royal Blue female and a Melano male, they successfully reproduce.

Turquoise Betta Fish

The Turquoise Betta fish has a variation of green and blue hues. There are other types of Betta fish which contain the same type of color scheme, such as the Steel Blue and the Royal Blue Bettas. The dark Turquoise colored one is the true Turquoise Betta.

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Cellophane Betta Fish

The Clear or Cellophane types of Betta fish are something truly beautiful. Some of these types are rare, such as the Albino. This fish has no pigmentation and their eyes are red. Some may appear to have a pink hue.

Albino and White Betta Fish

The Albino Bettas are sometimes confused with the White Bettas. White Bettas are completely white with black eyes and have no other coloring or hues on their body or fins.

Orange Betta Fish

The Orange Betta is a new breed that has been created. The orange coloring is not a true bright orange, but a washed out color of red/orange. Their fins tend to fade out from the orange color to cellophane. Chocolate Bettas are another type of Betta Fish. It is a milk chocolate color from head to tail.

When you’re choosing a Betta fish for your aquarium there are so many various types of Betta fish to pick from. You can usually find any color you are looking for, if the pet store carries them. Sometimes you can contact select breeders to find exactly what you are looking for.