Betta fish are often called Siamese Fighting Fish. Bettas are an amazing fish to learn about. They are known for their vibrant coloring,everything from red, white to blue. Bettas can grow up to three inches .Their lifespan is about two to three years. Maybe more depending on their care you give them.

Your Betta will jump out of the fish tank if he gets the chance. You need a covThe Betta Handbooker or at least some kind of screen to assure that this doesn’t happen. Not only does he risk injuring himself,but if he’s out for too long, well. Make sure the tank,jar or bowl is big enough for your betta to swim around with out hitting the sides .You don’t want him bumping around tearing his fins or scales. Make sure they can reach the top of the water they need to breath air just like us.

One male betta per fish tank their not called Siamese Fighting Fish just to make them sound mean. Two betta males will tear each other apart. If your fish tank is big enough you can make a homemade divider or by one from your pet store. Females bettas usually get along with out a divider depending on the size of the tank.

Your betta will be a happy camper as long as you keep clean water in their tank,The water temperature should be keep around 75-82 degrees . They can live in colder temperatures but will physically weakened them and more likely to get sick. The Ph level should be very close to 7.0.water hardness should be around mid range. You can get a Ph kit and the chemicals at your pet store to fix all that.