I am giving some Betta fish facts in this article. The betta fish is one of those fish that most aquarium owners have a love/hate relationship with. Although it is a beautiful fish, it can also be an aggressive one, with the male of some breeds being so aggressive that they will even attack their own reflections. Nonetheless the fish has an interesting history, making it one of the perennially popular tank fishes.

More Betta fish facts :

The name comes from “ikan bettah”, as the fish was called in its original home of Thailand. It was originally wild in Malay and Cambodia, where its colors only showed up when it was agitated. Since then it has been elevated to the “Jewel of the Orient” due to its wide range of colors. The fish has been bred for a spectrum of colors and aggressiveness. It ranges from fish that can do reasonably well in captivity, provided that the males are housed separately to fish used in fighting matches that can win its owner a decent purse.

The colors range from a wide variety of bright colors; there is even an albino breed of betta. Although wild fish only show these colors when agitated, breeders have been able to make these colorations part of their normal coloration in aquarium fish. Metallic colors are available, and females have been bred in the same, if subdued, colors as the male, even though they do not have the same showiness.

The fish’s aggressiveness is legendary. S.E. Hinton’s book “Rumble Fish” is named after a particular pair of fish in the book. The fish are the only colored items in the Francis Ford Coppola’s film adaptation of the book. In the Bond novel “From Russia With Love”, they underscore the villain’s point about his organization SPECTRE. Blofeld shows Bond the fish, and points out that if three betta fight, one will back off and then attack the surviving, tired fish as an analogy to the Unites States and Russia fighting, and then SPECTRE eliminating the survivor.
Betta fish facts | Conclusion

The betta continues to be one of the most popular fish in home aquariums. Although its predilection towards attacking other fish is well-known, its colors make it popular among breeders and collectors, adding just that little added dash of color that makes for a well-balanced tank. These are some fascinating Betta fish facts.